your silence will prolong it

17/02/2016 21:57

So it's finally here and it's about time. The LBGTQ community has received recognition in the US, which sets the standard for the rest of the world.  It's amazing that it took us that long to get there, especially regarding marriage, since after all marriage has always been nothing but a civil contract between two individuals. And in 2015 gender shouldn't way in the scale.

But I want to address all of those are still hmming and hawing about the Supreme Courts decision or who complain about the rainbow flag at city hall. Or who are wondering why we don't have a street parade. Get over it. The LBGTQ community isn't in your face about their lifestyle. They aren't trying to convert you to becoming gay.

When was the last time gay people knocked on your door to push their collective so called agenda? “Excuse me sir do you have a minute to talk to you out our fabulous lifestyle?” No you don't hear that. But you surely do hear that coming from the religious. They aren't shy about telling you about their fairy tales. And they aren't shy about their bigotry.

As the Supreme court decision came down it shined a light on those who were against gay rights and showed them for who they really are. They no longer have the protection of law or tradition to support their views and as such as usual religion is the last bastion of refuge for those who harbour hate of the LGBTQ community.

Are you surprised religion in the way of progress? And if you're one of those who wonders why we can't have a street parade, I've got a crow bar for you to get your head out of your ass. Count yourself fortunate you didn't need to fight everyday just to be accepted.

Do we believe that people choose to wake up one day, afraid that they might lose their job, friends or life because they're gay on purpose? It's a bit like a female co-worker making seventy-five cents on the dollar got a ten cent raise and you didn't. She's still making less than you.  Progress like this just proves again that a secular society is the future and religion is dying.

Kicking and screaming mind you, but it's on its way out and the sooner the better. Because their tactic is one of burnt ground. They will damage as much as they can before disappearing with a whimper..

Your support for reason, like equality for LGBTQ helps diminish this damage. But your silence will prolong it.



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