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17/02/2016 22:07

For those of us who battle the ridiculous world of the believer in everyday life, we come to realize that we battle not a god or his Jewish carpenter’s son, but the myth of their existence.  Indeed, it is the myth itself that is more difficult to finally lay down. And all the rational discussion.

The myth appeals to the emotional side of humans. It is the skeptic in us that pushes us to slay the dragon of myth. And if you really think about it, politics is mostly mythology too. This was the purpose of tonight’s episode.

To show that even skeptics can fall to the siren song of myth and that as true skeptics, we must not fall for old stories and preconceived notions about some ideologies.  Do you think that conservatives were better fiscally? Did you think that Greens only care about marijuana? Are NDPers just fighting for unions?

In other words, did you skeptically look into politics or did you too fall for the buzz line, the myth, the perception? You see I hate politics as much as the next man. I hate that it separates us, it often brings out the worst of us and has discouraged so many of us to the verge of total apathy.

But worst of all I loathe the way politics purposely spread lies and deceives in order to arouse an emotional response. Whether hope or fear to have you cast a vote or refrain from doing it. And all in order to acquire power.  But I also understand the power behind it and what is in the balance.

So it cannot be ignored. But just like the typical Christian, who was born of Christian parents, raised in the myth and never gives it much thought, the typical voter too is groomed to vote and think a certain way and never gives it much thought.

So much like the battle against ridiculous rambling of the giant book Jewish fairy tales, the battle for truth in politics also has great consequences if ignored. And as skeptics it is our civic duty to shed light on politics because our very future is at stake. Get involved!



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