Paris vs ISIS

17/02/2016 22:16

I saw a nice meme on Facebook recently, it kind of went like this; What would you think you found out that the inhabitants of newly found planet Keplar 452B were killing each other over who had the best imaginary friend?

Congratulations, you are now looking at the world in its reality. What will generations 200 years in the future think of the events in the past few years?

But what scares me the most is that quick knee-jerk re-action that we seem to be having. One of seeking refuge in Christianity, bow their heads in prayer while re-loading their gun.

These same quote unquote peaceful religious people don't seem to realize that a group like ISIS are exactly hoping for that/ A holy war, a final war. The method of spreading their belief by the sword is what made Islam and Christianity the power houses that are today. And what seems hundreds of years and millions of deaths, we haven't learned too much.

The game is even more dangerous today because we've learned to create weapons capable of destroying the world without first getting over the mental illness of wishing for Armageddon. But hope isn't lost.

Amongst the multitude of voices calling for revenge, war or fearful of immigrants the voice of secularism can also be heard. The voices boldly calling out that the problem isn't cultural it's religion.

Religion is the problem because it gives permission to commit horrible deeds which would otherwise be unjustified,  And for that reasons amongst hundreds more religion must die for mankind to move forward.

It's high time to leave the bronze age belief of a divine creator, with a favourite people and agenda, into our superstitious past where it belongs. So I urge you and thank you for voicing your opinion on this.

The voice of reason is becoming louder and louder and is not so easily drowned by the cries of martyrdom any more. That, despite the horrors of terrorism, should make you optimistic about the future. A secular god-free future because with guns you'll kill terrorists, but with education you'll kill terrorism.



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