Not Another One!

21/02/2016 20:01

What does Chilliwack or the Fraser Valley need more than another Tim Horton’s location?

That’s right another Christian School!!!!

Cascade Christian School in Chilliwack are looking to buy the 5 acres of land and buildings on the former UFV site on Yale Road in Chilliwack. Now it is unfair to say ‘another Christian school’ because in reality Cascade school has been operating in the area of bigoted education and religious brainwashing since 2010. But come on really! Does Chilliwack need another religious school? Wouldn’t that site be better used for social housing? Or services for those who are on low income? Oh what about a homeless shelter?! What novel ideas! Radical even! But no – we would rather sell to an organization that is going to skip taxes and sap money from the community while producing bigoted children who will continue to protest a women’s right to make a choice about her own body and bully those within the LGBT community. UGH!



Left at the Valley

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