Hertzey Hertz takes a Left at the Valley

07/07/2019 17:07


Member extraordinaire of the Minnesota Atheists and producer of Atheist TalkHertzey Hertz FINALLY arrives to face off against our wacky group. Will she survive?  We follow her as she tells us her story and how atheism fits within her state. Her work helps inspire others to follow suit and perhaps come out of the closet.

listen live https://www.am950radio.com/listen-live/?fbclid=IwAR0XuQs-30_E4aARnC_Aov9jLAhTrrejlgyGSt-iUsLJtY2pVngDhDF5nDk



Convergence conference https://www.convergence-con.org/

Nancy gives us a top 10 of weird appliances,

and we find out that vege-burgers will make you a souless demon..



Left at the Valley

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