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17/02/2016 22:00

And we're off with the usual little fanfare, typical of Canadian life.  The process of deciding the next batch of members of parliament has begun. And at the sound of the collective yawn. One does not need to be psychic or to place a bet on what usually happens in Canadian politics. The left is divided and bickers, grasping at straws looking for glory while trying to save the world.

The right tries its damned best to convince you that the sky is falling, the economy is the only thing that matters and the archaic policies, their archaic policies, will help navigate their made up promises of our society. Which do you think will crumble  (inaudible)...  after all who would Jesus vote for right?

In the mean time the Canadian voter is uninterested , apathetic and longs for this tragedy to be over. You'll hear people sigh about the lack of honesty, the lack of humour and especially the lack of hope when going to the ballot box.  And most will stay at home and cheer in the proverbial status quo.

Those in the riding of Mission Fraser Canyon have a chance to change that.  They have Wyatt Scott, a local guy. Great sense of humour, original, thoughtful and driven. But Kev he's an independent - his odds are slimmer – so what! People need to realize that if everybody said that - “I'd vote for him but I don't think he'd make it” - did just that, he'd make it.

The same People need to open their eyes and know that 2/3s of Canadians don't vote. And with the ones who do – the 1/3 - 1/3 of that 1/3 actually votes and those voters decide who will run this country. Your vote won't change anything? Are you shitting me?

So your homework today, take a few minutes, get informed. Go out there and meet these people putting their name on the line. Especially those without huge money behind them. Don't vote along party lines. It's the same thing as being Christian because your folks were.

Put some thought into it and who you vote for and do it. Otherwise guys like him, remember that guy, the cranky old white man who's out of touch with reality – remember that guy - “I think you're a piece of lying shit and your media with you. Go stuff(?) yourself.” Yeah remember that guy?

Make the decision man, because if you don't these guys do.  Because they vote. And we can't afford to let our future fall into hands of people who insist climate change isn't real and Jesus is coming back any minute. And the fifties was the pinnacle of human society. We can't afford to do that. So go out there and vote.



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