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01/10/2015 10:18


I might be dating myself when I tell kids that I grew up in a world without the internet. I find it amazing that we can have access to the sum of human knowledge throughout the ages and it also conveniently fits in the palm of your hand. 

What an amazing time to live in!

But like the overprotective parent who dot on their child, we often forget to give the next generation not only what we didn't get, but also what we DID get.

It's no secret to this audience that evolution is a very slow process; add to this technological revolutions and you get today's problems:

 a specie not mature enough to handle the technology it possesses.

Now I'm not one to look too much at the past like it was some kind of golden age, the fact is that just about every level of society has improved over time. But there is something we did better in the past:

We knew when to shut up.

Some of you are surely tempted to tell me to follow my own advice, and one day I will but what we are discussing today is the youth inability to filter when to hold back on information and respect their privacy especially when they've known the tech and treated it as a toy since the cradle.

In their mind, this toy is harmless, they've been playing with computers and tablets all their life as opposed to the older generation that playtime meant going outside with a ball.

The responsibility of this lies with the parents and we are failing miserably at it. Is it because we feel inadequate on giving advice regarding something our kids outshine us at? If so, consider this:

Your Kids are better at this tech stuff than your Stone Age brain that can barely cope with the concept, sure, but they have little to no experience with human psychology. As adults, we already have read and experienced the darker side of humans, we've seen the dark underbelly of ambition and angry undertones of aggression for frivolous reasons. 

And most of us (smarter ones anyway) have come to the inescapable conclusion that despite our fables, humans are animals too, dangerous ones when left unchecked.

So don't leave your kids uninformed and thus un -equipped to face the world. Which ever generation, from primitive clans on the savannah to your own upbringing; parent have always had the charge to teach, prepare and even arm their kids to survive in their ever changing environment.

Technology isn't going away, it's evolving much faster than our ability (as old timers) to adapt to it and kids are immersed in it.

Let's not drop the ball on this one, we owe that much to them, they count on us



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