From Episode 6: religion inside the law

01/10/2015 10:05


Kudos to Michael Mulligan for taking to task the law society of BC for accepting Trinity Western University graduates. His premise is that it won't advance the justice system in any way shape or form but the elephant in the room is quite simply: the separation of church and state.

Now I wish the 1982 Canadian constitution didn't contain what is essentially a preamble recognizing the Christian god and was more specific in its secularity like our neighbours to the south. Although the Supreme Court made it official that Canada was a secular country in its ruling on the "lord's day act" in 1985, conservative Christians still try to paint canada as a country where god rules. I don't want to use the word theocracy lightly but this is exactly what these people are trying to do.

This way of thinking is not just a slippery slide, it's a dangerous dip covered with astro-glide lubricant!

Now many of us grew up with the old wisdom of our folks and heard things like:" when the US sneezes, Canada gets a cold". It was a metaphor that described how interlinked our two countries are and whatever affects the Americans, it's only a matter of time before Canadians feel the effects too and amplified.

So now we can turn our gaze south and predict the effects of theological teachings into law and politics.

For a number of years now, private Christian universities in America like Oral Roberts university have been teaching their students to respect their god's law then, the law of the land. When push comes to shove, in their view, the bible is the final say. With an enrolment of more than 3000 students from 50 states, they have significant influence when their graduates leave school to enter public life and politics.

The result is astounding.

Just one Christian school (oral Roberts) has given the US the cream of the crop in idiocy like evangelist Ted Haggert, Joel Osteen and congresswoman Michelle Bachman (who still claims that gay aversion therapy works and Jesus' kingdom is at hand) to name but a few. 

During his presidency, George W Bush appointed many of the university's graduates to government posts and we all know how that ended...

Who could forget the memorable line uttered by the faith driven president, " Gog and Magog are at work in the Middle East" as he referred to biblical demons in an effort to convince French president Jacque Chirac to help him invade Iraq.

Is this where we as a country want to head to;

Law makers and politicians who strive to bring their version of morality as dictated by their various deity?

Would we let this slide by if an Islamist university pumped out graduates focused on bringing Sharia law to canada?

Would we accept Buddhists lawyers prosecuting on the merits of reincarnation?

Would we accept a Hindu defence of Karma?

There is a very good reason why Canada is a secular country, it's the only way to be fair and in the absence of ANY EVIDENCE of an actual deity guiding our lives; the precautionary principle dictates to us that we should assume that only our own laws should prevail. There is too much at stake in our society to let mythology guide our actions, this is why we have separation of church and state.



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