From episode 12: (an attempted) conversation with a Muslim

01/10/2015 10:26


I hear this all the time. Today's episode tried to show the humanity behind a faith denomination and at first glance, it can be hard to see why an atheist like myself opposes faith. Most people are like you and I; they want to live in peace and grow their family far from harm. But a live and let live world, this isn't!

Take the Israeli/Palestinian conflict presently raging.

Pundits will claim that many factors both socio and economical, fuel the tension and all out war between Israel and Palestine, and it might be unfair to try to  summarize this mid orient powder keg in the allotted time of this rant but I'll do it anyway...

The problem is simple: two people fighting for a piece of land and both are convinced God gave it to them.

The parties of god have vetoed sensible solutions like a two state solution or cooperation simply because they think that this supposed "holy land"  was rightfully given to them by some intergalactic sky daddy!

Whether it was the UN, the US, Egypt, Jordan, etc, all these peace attempts have failed miserably because of people's faith in their fables.

How much has this folly cost us in blood already? And it certainly has the potential to create much bigger conflicts as others try to come to the aid of one side or another.

Religion does no harm?

Muslims reach to aid Palestine overlooking that Hammas sole raison d'être is the extermination of Israel, a country they feel shouldn't exist and vilified by propaganda that hasn't been seen since WW2

Jews, embolden by US military might have become the same bully they faced in their history, hiding behind indignation of being criticized and financially supported by Christians under the ludicrous notion that Jews must all be back in Israel for end times to begin and usher in the glorious return of their carpenter god.

Religion, does no harm?

Hundreds of billions of dollars have been wasted in warfare to defend what is by most account a nearly useless tiny piece of land whose claim to fame is the abstract concept of holiness, while 20 billion dollars would have fed most of the planet. 

Religion does no harm?

So while you sit there and are tempted to tell me to shut up, think about your tax dollars going up in smoke at the end of a missile killing civilians also launching rockets at others because they are just as persuaded as you are that this is the moral thing to do in the eyes of their god in the hope of a false promise written in a book of the Bronze Age.

Religion does no harm?



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