From episode 11: raising your kids atheists

01/10/2015 10:25


I could go on a tirade on how family is an important thing for all of us and use the usual emotional swooning which colors every speech in a pro-family rant. 

From an evolutionary standpoint, family is simply the first mentor we come across when we are born, small, defenseless and fragile. 

If evolution hadn't granted us the willingness to learn from our ancestors or the emotional attachment to protect the next generation; then surely Homo sapiens would have joined the long list of extinct species that have inhabited this world at one point or another.

Long ago, natural selection favored those of us who heeded the advice of older generations while those too foolish to do so were met with the swift efficiency of nature's predators and traps. The problem with this evolutionary trait was that it also made new generations gullible and unquestioning of parental knowledge; that was a prime breeding ground for mythology and later on, religion to take root.

Newer generations had no reason to question the wisdom of their fore bearers, their collective knowledge had served them well in previous generations, and so religious myth and faith, under the disguise of acquired knowledge, permeated the next  litter of humans.

It wasn't until science's arrival that non fact based scriptural pseudo-knowledge AKA faith, began to be seriously challenged, and often at the peril of the inquisitioner. Now at the beginning of the 21st century, as the relentless march of scientific discovery increases our knowledge and diminishes the power of god; we are left battling an age old instinct that served us so well even today: the need to believe.

This is where family becomes vital.

Religion and its myths have clouded the reason why we evolved the need to believe in our family teachers. These early lessons were there to optimize survival chances of youth in effect increasing the odds of making it. 

Now, we have better information and explanations for everything thanks to science but instead of providing better lessons to the next descendants, too many adults parents and teachers are failing youth by stubbornly holding on to the stories of the past. They keep the ghosts of the past and inhibit the progress of the specie by withholding the best factual information for the survival of their kids.

Results: the kids are less knowledgable and prepared to take on the world. Is it really surprising that survey after survey finds that secular thinkers prone to science outclass their religious counterparts in several fields.

Do yourself and your kids a favour: give them the best tools to survive and the latest information and let go of tradition and superstition, ours is a world where surviving is the end game, theirs is a future with the excitement of discovery and void of gods, demons and magic.

Give them all the best you have because, after all, they are the only reason YOU ever existed.



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