From Episode 1: Freedom of Speech

01/01/2015 00:00

Most of us take for granted the right to express your views publicly when you live in a country where it is written in the law; myself,  I've always tried to defend this right no matter how extreme or ridiculous the view and many politicians have use this as a rallying cry for the troops. How many times have you heard:" I disagree with you but I will defend your right to say it." Ad nauseum to the point where it has lost all meaning. 

But written between the lines is the real lesson here: people have rights, ideas don't. Unfortunately, this seems to have been lost on the masses today too preoccupied with going to a job they hate to pay for the car and house they can't afford in order to keep up with the Jones. In today's society of fast pace and faster living, the art of conversation has become an endangered specie where most information taught comes in bullet point and buzzword catch phrases. 

The nasty side effect to that is that the average joe is uninformed, distracted and all too easily offended, especially when things aren't going, what should be, their perceived way.

So if this describes you, you might want to stop listening right now. If you're still here, here's my point: 

I DONT have to respect your opinion.

I will respect you as a fellow human being and won't stop you from saying it but some ideas and opinions are ridiculous, hateful and simply wrong. 

Like I said: people have rights, ideas don't.

I will challenge your perceptions, values and ideas and invite you to do the same, this should then lead to a discussion and overall progress in the sharing of information.

Ask yourself, what would it take for me to change my perception on subject X? If you answer -nothing- then I'm sorry you've stopped growing as a human being and are essentially contributing little to our society.

If you answered -I don't know- then I invite you to take a left at the valley and sit down with us; you are a person I can learn from...



Left at the Valley

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