Fear Of Solitude

28/02/2016 20:18

At some point in our life, everyone of us experiences some form of loneliness. Whether after a bad break up, a moment with a tough decision or when, like many amongst this audience knows, you accept the reality of apostasy. 

Some have described atheism as akin to committing social suicide and the anxiety about the idea of loneliness for a social primate specie such as ourselves has kept a great amount of us in hiding.

But you are not alone

As more and more of us are coming out and taking our rightful place in the sun, you start realizing that not only you aren't alone, that you are actually part of a large active group, up to 22% worldwide.

That's 1 person in 5

It's a much bigger demographic than plenty of other groups which already have a powerful lobby expressing their opinion. Wouldn't it be great to have a voice to express secularism?
We will, sooner than later. But in the meantime, we make our voice heard through secular, pro science organizations like CFI, they have taken on that challenge. They are out there, on their own dime, NOT raised through tithing and offer education, advocacy but above all, a feeling of solidarity.

So you see, none of us are alone. And your membership only makes us all stronger.
We have always fought through tough times together, this battle against the division of ancient superstition isn't over yet.

Won't you join us?



Left at the Valley

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