Deconversion stories

17/02/2016 22:09

Well you gotta' have faith, you've heard the line. It's one of the lines the religious give in a futile attempt to sell you that faith is something that is precious or even special. I could use the tongue and cheek response that we're all born Atheists and that religion uses our natural naivety when we're young to sink its' claws into our psyche but it's unfortunately it's all too true and a dangerous thing too

Personally, I think there are all too few true believers out there.  What else explains how supposed   believers go through their entire life praising their Jewish carpenter but somehow never attempt to read the instruction manual of their saviour.

Don't they know their immortal soul rests in the balance?  No,  I think they just never truly ponder then  question their reality and the thought that the willing suspension of critical thinking, or if you prefer. Faith, is a horrible way to determine truth and that terrifies them.

How do you tell someone they've been duped all their life? I truly believe that religion must die for mankind to move forward. And that will happen when we reach that tipping point.  Deconversion  happens when one embraces rational thought and intellectual honesty.

It happens when you stare into the abyss of the unknown and have the guts to say I don't know.

Because, unlike believers, when the scary unknowns stares right back at you, you my friend didn't blink and run into superstition.  You're an Atheist and you should be proud of that.



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