Christmas Special 2015

17/02/2016 22:17

Well guys another year comes to a close and the holiday season is upon us. Now it's bad that enough we Atheists get a bad rap on a good day but let me be clear to everyone out there. Being an Atheist doesn't mean you need to be a grouch on Christmas.

We just saw that although claimed by Christians, the holiday now known as Christmas, is far older and speaks of our desires to let our hair down once in awhile. Life is hard enough without us going over to war over every little delusion the apprentices of Jewish fairy tales tell themselves.

Theirs is a desperate war to keep their dying mythology going. While we should focus on good will. Not because of the promises of a better afterlife, but because it's simply the right thing to do.

And because we understand, not just reality but history.  And that we have a better chance of making it together. While religion seeks to divide, we should seek to embrace the differences in our neighbours. So let the Christians pull out their hair when you spell Christmas with an X, or chant to keep Christ in Christmas. Or panic with supposed war on Christmas.

You already know better. It's akin to a temper tantrum of a child pulls when he or she doesn't get their favourite cereal. Eventually society will mature and embrace the true meaning of the holiday. A spirit of brotherhood, where we stand shoulder to shoulder looking towards the future, and not dealing in fear hoping for a saviour.

So on behalf of all of us here at Left at the valley. Happy Holidays dear friends and listeners, go out there and be the best humanity has to offer.



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