About Us

We are just regular (outspoken, opinionated, brash) Fraser Valley residents who wanted to offer news, profiles, and opinions that are outside the (corporate owned) mainstream media. We like to showcase other (awesome and not well-enough renowned) people who are making things better in our little slice of the world with their inovative ideas and actions. Hopefully, we gain a few (intelligent and insightful) listeners along the way who also like to hear different (bolder, more original, more relevant) news and events on the radio waves!

Meet the crew!

Kevin Francis (Decisions, decisions!)

Nancy Weisz-Gallagher (Historian Extraordinaire) 


Kristina Randall

Kirstin Nicholson



Our listeners

We do it all for you! Good, bad, or ugly (but how could you know, on the radio?), please send us your feedback.


Left at the Valley

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